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Kansas Employer Pharmacy Technician (Willing to train) in Chanute, Kansas

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Job Description

Pharmacy Technician

Attain the highest level of customer relations, expedite the processing of prescriptions and help to maintain the non-prescription aspects of the pharmacy department.


Consult regularly with the pharmacy manager or staff pharmacist for the purpose of expediting the processing of prescriptions

As a pharmacy department employee, maintain good company loyalty, set a good example, and project a healthy positive attitude


Individual must have a high school diploma or GED, prefer experience but may be willing to train.


Maintain highest level of customer relations

Expedite the processing of prescriptions by performing all duties necessary and allowable, by policy or law, in the preparation necessary prior to the filling of the prescription by the pharmacist and in the distribution of the prescription to the patient, once all necessary dispensing duties are performed by the pharmacist.

Process all filing, accounting, and bookkeeping functions as deemed necessary by the pharmacy manager and company accounting manager

Communicate with pharmacy manager on progress and policies of pharmacy department

Carry out daily housekeeping, cleanliness and sanitation programs as established within company guidelines

Maintain a high level of professionalism, consistent with company standards, in dress, personal appearance and grooming

Adhere to cash register policies as set forth by the company


All functions or duties of the pharmacy technician shall be performed under the direct supervision of the pharmacist on duty. The pharmacist on duty will be working in close proximity with the pharmacy technician to ensure adequate control or supervision and shall verify and document pharmacy technician work.

The primary purpose of the pharmacy technician is to expedite the processing of prescriptions. The key to productivity is the ability of the pharmacy technician to initiate the necessary procedures to start the process of filling the prescription.

Therefore, the pharmacy technician needs to be organized.

Listed below are duties to be performed by the pharmacy technician.


+ The pharmacy technician shall receive new prescriptions from the customers at the pharmacy for filling. When receiving a new prescription from the customer, the pharmacy technician shall verify the name, address, and birth date (if applicable) of the person for whom the prescription is to be filled. The pharmacy technician shall also verify the prescriber’s name (if illegible).

+ The pharmacy technician shall obtain from the customer the drug name or Rx number of the prescription(s) that needs to be refilled

The pharmacy technician shall enter the appropriate information into the computer in order to generate labels for the new or refilled prescriptions

+ The pharmacy technician shall retrieve appropriate medication(s) from stock

+ The pharmacy technician shall count tablets/capsules or pour liquids in appropriate quantities

+ The pharmacy technician shall place medications in appropriate container(s) and affix prescription labels

The pharmacy technician shall assist the pharmacist in preparing and reconstituting medications

+ The pharmacy technician shall answer the telephone and direct calls to the pharmacist

+ The pharmacy technician shall enter the appropriate information into the computer in order to process electronic third party claims for payment by insurance companies for prescriptions. If the insurance company does not get billed electronically, then the pharmacy technician shall gather the necessary billing forms for paper claims to insurance companies for payment of

+ The pharmacy technician shall accommodate the customers when they arrive at the pharmacy to pick up their This shall entail giving the prescription to the customer, as well as, the necessary cash register transaction for both new and refill prescriptions.

The pharmacy technician shall also be involved in the following functions that are not directly related to the actual filling of prescriptions:

+ Completion and processing of third-party documents

+ Organization and filing of new prescriptions and patient profiles

+ Restocking and reordering supplies when Supplies may include vials, bags, printer labels and paper.

+ Manage inventory as follows: Receive drug order from wholesaler. sticker items and restock shelves, determine that ordered items were shipped, determine that shipped items are the same as the invoiced items, and report shor